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What is biological dentistry?  
Biological dentists recognize the impact of toxic materials and relate it to dental and physiological health. These dentists are concerned with the integrity of the oral cavity and use materials and procedures in their practices that are systemically compatible.

Is there a concern about the use of mercury in dentistry?  
Many people do not realize the "silver" amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. A large filling may contain as much mercury as a thermometer. Mercury vaporizes easily at room temperature, and in this state, is odorless, colorless and tasteless. Inhaled mercury vapor is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. The World Health Organization has concluded that dental fillings contribute more mercury to a person's body than all other sources of mercury combined. Mercury is a powerful poison. Published research demonstrates that mercury is more toxic than lead, cadmium or arsenic. No amount of exposure to mercury vapor can be considered harmless. Especially considering its cumulative effect. 

Is there an associated health risk?  
Mercury is the most toxic, non-radioactive element on the earth. Most medical and scientific researchers have called for a ban on the use of mercury in all products. However, the U.S. Government has ignoredthe potential harmful effects of mercury fillings. Due to its poisonous nature, mercury can adversely affect the immune, urinary, cardiac, and respiratory and digestive systems. Under laboratory conditions, mercury has produced brain cell deterioration identical to that seen in victims of Alzheimer's disease. 
Should I have my mercury fillings removed?  

Utilizing an efficient suction system in the oral cavity with a special tip or its equivalent to contain amalgam particles and mercury vapors.

Operating a vacuum system at maximum efficiency.

Applying copious amounts of water to the filling during removal.

Removing the amalgam in large segments to minimize the generation of mercury vapor and amalgam particulate.

Providing the patient and dental staff with a mercury-free source of air.


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The International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT)

The IAOMT is a network of dental, medical and research professionals who seek to raise the standards of scientific biocompatibility in dental practice with information from the latest interdisciplinary research.

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